Introduction of LMTC

Land Management Training Center (LMTC), under the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation, Government of Nepal was established in 1968. LMTC is the oldest and the only governmental institution continually and significantly producing human resources and enhancing capacity of the government personnel in the field of Surveying and Mapping, and Land Management since its establishments. The center has already produced more than 7,000 land professionals at different levels through various types of training courses.

LMTC has been conducting wide range of long and short term training incorporating state-of-art modern technologies. Moreover, LMTC has been collaborating to run academic courses with Kathmandu University (KU) and Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)

Quality Policy

Land Management Training Center asserts its strong commitment to maintain excellence and continuous improvement in professional education, research and development, and other academic activities with sound working environment by ensuring that demands of beneficiaries in the field of Surveying and Mapping (Geomatics), Land Administration and Land Management are met


Ganesh Prasad Bhatta

Executive Director


Ramesh Gyawali



Rajendra Raut

Director - Information Officer



नापी अधिकृत वा सो सरहका लागि सेवाकालिन तालीमma मनोनयन सम्बन्धमा

सर्भेक्षक वा सो सरहका लागि सेवाकालिन तालीम मनोनयन सम्बन्धमा

अमिन वा सो सरहका लागि सेवाकालिन तालीम मनोनयन सम्बन्धमा

केन्द्रको आ.व २०७९/८० को वार्षिक प्रशिक्षण कार्यतालिका

Journal of Land Management and Geomatics Education, Volume IV, 2022

Journal of Land Management and Geomatics Education, Volume III

विषय विज्ञको रोस्टर फारम भर्ने सम्बन्धमा

Message From The Executive Director

Dear Viewers

I extend heartiest thankfulness and warmest welcome to you for viewing the official website of the Land Management Center (LMTC). LMTC is a government organization under the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation of the Government of Nepal. LMTC is situated at Dhulikhel of Kavrepalanchok district.

In the history of Surveying and Mapping education in Nepal, formal education began with the establishment of Survey Training Center (Napi Talim Kendra) in July, 1968. The center has been playing a key role in producing the human resources for different levels as per the need of the Government of Nepal over the years. Initially, the center was established to fulfill the then requirements of land surveyors (amin) to carry out systematic cadastral survey in the country. The center was mandated to produce land surveyors (amin) by conducting Amin Training of eight months duration. Soon after the commencement of the Amin Training, Junior Survey’ Training of one year duration was introduced to produce Surveyors or Survey Inspectors. In November 1971, after three years of the establishment of the center, Senior Survey Training of one year duration was launched in order to produce human resources who could work as Survey Officers.

Courses And Training

LMTC is responsible for providing various kind of academic and non-academic courses and training, choose any to get details information about upcoming and previous dates,duration and many more related information

Academic Course

LMTC Provides Academic Course, please click to view detail information, duration, cost

Long Term Training

The short course trainings are only focused on specific subject matter, so for in-depth knowledge of surveying, mapping, geo-information and

Short Term Training

Short term trainings are designed to meet specific needs in the field of geo- information science. short trainings general the

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